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Anthony's Coin Laundry is named after our son Anthony.  He is a blessing in our lives and our inspiration to increase charitable giving during these tough economic times.


Two months after purchasing the laundry business, when our son Anthony was four months old, we learned that Anthony was not developing as a normal infant should.  The doctor diagnosed Anthony with achondroplasia; a medical term for dwarfism.  We were surprised when we received the diagnosis and discovered that over 80 percent of dwarfs are born to average size parents with no history of dwarfism.  


Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to use the term dwarf or little person.  The "M" word, however, is highly offensive. We have cleared it from our vocabulary and we hope to educate others to follow suit.


You see, our family has been blessed with great medical advice, insurance and medical treatment, but this is not the case for many families of children with a disability.  Many go months and sometimes years trying to get a diagnosis, thus, delaying early interventions that would either save their life or help improve their quality of life.  


As a result of our experience this past year, we have decided to give 5% of Gross Revenue to local charities that support children of all types of disabilities.  We thank you for your support and partnership in our efforts!